Bathroom Remodel
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Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom should make you feel special. In a study, 87 percent of the respondents said that the happiest and peaceful place was the bathroom.

Lighting and Cool Accessories

Lighting is a must for your bathroom. We believe that a bathroom with enough light radiates more positive energy. That's why we use the most accurate lighting techniques for your bathroom that you will be renovating. In addition to the extraordinary designs, these wonderful lighting tools will give your bathroom a decorative look. Renovating for your bathroom also means giving it a great look. This is undoubtedly possible with the use of the most accurate accessories. We also offer you great accessory options to revive your bathroom.

Perfect Touches to Create a Great Bathroom

There is no need to spend a lot of overtime for renovations. Our expert teammates will examine your bathroom and will take action to make your bathroom look like your dream in a very short time. You will not have to allocate too much budget and wait too long for this.

Hygiene is very valuable for the bathroom. Of course, your bathroom must be suitable for this. The UniqHouse employees and architects always put hygiene in the center while renovating a bathroom. Our focus is always hygiene and all other steps are determined accordingly. Of course, security comes later. Creating a wonderful bathroom may not be enough alone. Because a slippery floor or a matte environment will always lead to bad experiences. As The UniqHouse employees, we renovate the ground in the most accurate way and with the best materials for your safety.

Decide the Best With 3D Designs

Our drawings are made in 3D and all stages are shown to you individually. In this way, you can see what kind of bathroom you will have in the future with your own eyes and decide for yourself. Thanks to our 3-dimensional drawings, we no longer leave the job to chance and offer you great images in advance. As soon as you get your confirmation, The UniqHouse's magic hands come into play and begin a wonderful bathroom renovation.

Your Bathroom Is Very Spacious!

TBathroom lighting is the most overlooked factor in bathroom design. We attach importance to this element as it contributes greatly to the general atmosphere of a modern bathroom form. We install ceiling-mounted luminaires to achieve soft and diffused lighting in the bathroom and focus on both sides of a large mirror in the bathroom for the tasks of bathroom light ideas. To emphasize the look of the bathroom, we also use modern bathroom fixtures in geometric bathrooms. Of course, our designers choose products that will be used in the long term for bathroom remodel, not steel and nickel, depending on your bathroom shape.

Love Day Lights!

Large windows prevent unnecessary energy consumption. For this reason, we enable you to benefit from daylight with a larger window than normal. In the afternoon, you can relax well in the dim environment. Natural light is essential for any bathroom, large or small. Moreover, we cannot ignore the germ-killing feature of daylight.

it also acts as an accessory to take advantage of the beauty of the sky, to serve as a rejuvenating floor for your showers, or to do bathroom remodel.

What Is Our Other 3 Factors?

• Location
• Materials
• Aesthetic
Raising your bathroom is one of the best things we can do to add value to your home. However, it is not easy to undertake this process. There are small decisions that are easy to break and important factors to keep in mind.


Order is an important part of the restructuring process. On the one hand, if you decide to change the layout according to its current structure, it will probably be one of the best parts of the whole rebuilding. On the other hand, this is one of the least likely aspects to change if you decide you don't like the result. Considering this, it is important to take this stage of the process seriously. You can choose from the designs we show you. We decide together.


While the materials we choose to use are an important factor for any bathroom remodel project, the materials we choose to reshape your bathroom are more important as they constitute a large part of the functional and aesthetic potential of the room. In reality, very little can be hidden in the bathroom, so you want to make sure that every material we choose is correct. (Slabs, counter, cabinets, sanitary engineering)


Our designers are amazing in this regard. If you want to browse different examples, please contact. You can be sure that we will do much better than you can imagine.
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