More Than a Kitchen!

The kitchen is no longer a place where recipes on paper are transformed into delicious realities. It is the new meeting place in the limited amount of time we spend at home due to the frantic pace of our daily life. The kitchen is a new living space that is being shaped by a new perspective.

Different needs create different kitchens. It is not usually enough to make a list of your needs. You need an expert who can turn that list into a real kitchen and who can offer solutions that make it a livable place in the process. Someone like us, which design perfect kitchens just for you!

Just Ask Us

The UniqHouse has an expert architecture&designer team which come up with creative solutions in even the most impossible spaces and provide the best options for the customer. If you are planning something for your kitchen, get acquainted with our team. You will see that they have a flawless plan just for you.

You Are Welcome

Different tastes, different needs, different people… we have a chair for everyone in our kitchen. Welcome to The UniqHouse! Every aesthetic detail has been thought of so that you can select a kitchen that best communicates who you are and allows you to get the most out of it. You not only choose the design, but you can select from among a variety of countertops, backsplashes, doors, surfaces, knobs and colors.

We Take Care of Your Healt

Your health is the top priority for The UniqHouse in this area where hygiene is so important. In addition to using materials that comply with USA standards and do not harm human health, The UniqHouse kitchen offers details that enhance hygiene.

Here is Your Brand-New Kitchen in 3D View

Our digitally executed drawings are ideal for giving you a realistic perspective of what your future space will look like and help answer all your questions. When our experienced architecture team presents you with a color, 3D design of your kitchen with the constantly updated 2020 Kitchen Design Program, you will agree with us.

Spend More Time in Your Kitchen

It should be something you like as much when you are using it as you did picking it out.
The UniqHouse has a solution for every functional difficulty you face. Customer needs are the greatest source of inspiration for our design team, whose specialty is creating kitchens that meet customer needs with practical solutions.

The efficiency of the time

The efficiency of the time you spend in the kitchen is important to us and we know that everyone’s needs are different. When you discover our alternative solutions, you will see how important ergonomics is to us and how much more fun you’ll have in the kitchen.