Kitchen Remodel

Turnkey kitchen remodel starts with measurement. You can call us for designs that fit your purpose and reflect your style in the best way.

Cosmetic repair of the kitchen is for those who do not have the opportunity to leave their apartment for a long time, but it is still necessary to refresh the interior. Usually this type of repair includes the following complex of works:

• dismantling / installation of wallpaper;
• ceiling painting (without preliminary cleaning);
• replacing tiles on a kitchen apron.

Overhaul of the kitchen remodel a complete alteration of the interior. In this case, you should be prepared to temporarily leave the apartment, because you simply will not have the opportunity to use the kitchen. This type of repair includes an extended list of works:

• dismantling wallpaper, tiles from the floor and apron, whitewashing the ceiling;
• dismantlement of a kitchen set;
• device of additional electric points;
• leveling and preparing the surfaces of walls, floors, ceilings;
• sticking new wallpapers;
• ceiling painting;
• laying new tiles on the floor and on the apron;
• assembly and installation of a new kitchen set.

Exclusive kitchen remodel is usually done with the help of a personal designer. His task is to develop a unique design project considering the needs of the landlord. The final package of repairs will depend on the approved project.

We Are Ready With Expert Architects and Designers

Our team consists of highly valuable and expert personnel. All our staff have sufficient technical equipment to give the best of their job descriptions. Then, we evaluate the minimalist approaches for you and set up a decoration that appeals to you. After that, it is now in the wonderful hands of our technical staff and personnel. Because they are the ones who understand the language of your kitchen best and they will enable you to start counting down in a very short time.

With a perfect design and great planning, we leave the final decision to you. Just specify the points you want to add or subtract. Of course, after finishing planning and project, we never forget to share them with you. Because it is you who will make the final decision. We guarantee that you can get the best modification without exceeding your budget and having to bear any additional costs.

If you want to give your kitchens a more modern and aesthetic look, do not miss this great opportunity. New renovations can be a new beginning. With The UniqHouse, you won't need much for a brand new start.

What Determines the Cost of Repairs in The Kitchen ?

The Area of the Room

Everything is logical here: the smaller the area, the less work the craftsmen have to do, and building materials will not need as much as in the case of turnkey overhaul.

The Special Design of the Room

If you use the services of a designer, of course, your kitchen interior will automatically acquire its own unique “zest”. However, not all design ideas can be quickly and easily implemented.

Materials used

Today, the market for finishing materials is replete with all sorts of new products. Even if you really liked something, first think about who and at what price will work with this new product.

Why Can I Entrust Repair in The Kitchen of The Uniq House Company?

• Many years in the market of repair finishing work.
• We do not delay the deadlines, but adhere to the technology.
• We work without prepayment on the basis of an agreement.
• Work is performed only by experts.
• Flexible system of discounts.
• We are always in touch.

Today, it is pleasing that all branches of science and industry merge with the goal of creating new environmentally friendly materials. Meanwhile, designers are working hard to develop unexpected images and solutions based on them. For kitchen remodel call us, we will understand your vision!