At The UniqHouse, we have an extensive range of stunning bathroom, kitchen, wall and floor tiles to suit your home renovation needs. With samples available and free delivery as standard any orders with kitchen or bathroom. We are here to help you to find perfect tiles for your beautiful house.

Thanks to our floor partners which gives us access to a fantastic range of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and laminate tiles in a variety of sizes. You can visit us in at our Roswell showroom or browse our website to be inspired by our fantastic range of tiles to suit all tastes and budgets.


Lighting is an essential part of modern kitchen&bath design and can make a huge difference to your kitchen's or bath’s look and feel. A light and bright kitchen makes the difference between an enjoyable kitchen experience of cooking and eating, versus the frustrating impracticality of a poorly lit kitchen. The right lighting options will accentuate the quality, color and style of your chosen door finish. We specialize in guiding you through the different types of lighting systems available and will work with you to ensure the most suitable kitchen lighting is specified.

sink and faucet

Water, one of the important part of our life. The most important thing is how you connect it. During the history, even if the functions are the same, the thing that makes each bath, kitchen faucet, design, brand different is their own style and identity. Products are created by imagination, colors, materials, and functionality. Good design always occurs by usage of the technology to reach the highest functional and aesthetic level. With these, we prefer and share specific, comfortable and convenient sinks &faucets for your bath and kitchen, that can be fashionable for many years and make you feel better always.

As The UniqHouse we promises about the quality and service standards of our sinks & faucets. They all long-lived, time-defying structure and unique features.

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