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Presidents Message

Presidents Message

When we laid the foundation of theuniqhouse, we dedicated ourselves to a very important business to developed the best products for kitchens and baths in the USA. To provide high-quality products at affordable prices with a fast and excellent service under a strong American brand in markets!

Theuniqhouse constantly tries to discover and developed increasingly by turning trust into a high satisfaction, establishing a global business network based on long-lasting strong friendships. This is a never-ending journey.... There is no arrival in this journey, but being constantly on the road, discovering determinedly...

Theuniqhouse aims to go beyond being just a "choice" in the kitchen and bath sector; but dreams with the science of products, creates the most beautiful artwork with its own unique language, captures the most unreachable harmony of quality and most importantly, pursue to continuously do much better than its capability. Because it is all about a mysterious journey of discovery based on being "better, stronger" and "the most compatible"!

It is sometimes all about continuing the journey... Using theuniqhouse products promises you "happiness". So, how can a kitchen or bath brand promise you happiness? By meeting all the expectations about your house that needs to be changed, and making sure that it is long-lasting! Theuniqhouse promises you this happiness. By exploring brand new opportunities in this journey and not leaving you behind.

Ertan Orbay