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Speedy changes, fast and perfect adaptation and continuous development are the words describing our capability… we believe in perfection and quality approach reflecting on each detail, because excelling even in the tiniest details is highly important for our industry.

We have the expertise of developed impressive products at the highest level. Therefore, we do not resemble our competitors, which gives us a competitive edge of being different and unique.

We are highly proud to know that our customers and the end users enjoy using our products and facilities.

The UniqHouse specializes in designing, realization, remodeling, renovate and installation of high quality kitchen and bath furniture. In our team, we have professional designers, carpenters and fitters with many years of experience in this business.






We guarantee perfect and professional services, starting from creating a project, through realization and eventually the installation of the kitchen or bath. We offer a wide range of patterns and colors of the kitchen fronts, kitchen cabinets, countertops, baths, sinks&faucets, tiles and mirrors.


By protecting the environment, by using the natural resources rationally and efficiently and by preventing the pollution, we have created our environmental policy to leave a cleaner and habitable environment for the future generations. The UniqHouse develops its business and contributes to nature by strictly following these principles.


Our vision is to develop new business lines which would give us a chance to create a good benefit for the society in which we exist.  We endeavor to help people feel better, spend their time more efficiently and enjoy their life. While doing this, we try to create a better future by being totally environmentally conscious.


As an Interior House Product Company, which makes the most amount of investments and develops fastest in the house industry, we always go for ‘innovation’ and ‘further development’ for the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to developed long lasting parts for your house. Specifically, your kitchens and baths.


High Quality, Kitchens and Baths

The UniqHouse prides itself on its highly-tailored design, excellent manufacturing process, perfect customer service and client aftercare.

High Rise Builders and Developers

For large volume, multi-unit orders, The UniqHouse offers the same high end kitchen&bath product quality and up-scale kitchen&bath design that is part of their standard collection.

Innovation for Customers

For us, innovation and value creation are inseparable. Every innovation should contribute new value to our companies and all our customers.

Innovation for Customers

The UniqHouse’s current portfolio includes three core collections: Diamond, Kemper and Omega, plus a full bath collection.

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We work with the best brands in the industry to bring you the highest quality products.

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